Saturday, June 27, 2009


I am your Hostess Stacy the Mad Hatter. Here I am with some of my lovelies.
Come in now, enjoy.
Oh Ladies Ladies Welcome! Have some wonderful lavender Lemonade. Did you see the Rabbit?

He's Terribly Late! More of our Lovely Guests are showing up

Please take a look around. Can you Spy the Cheshire cat?

Some tea? Why don't you try the Swiss organic herb and wild flower tea My charming friend "K" brought me back from her adventures. If you wish we have Blueberry and Peppermint tea as well. I have Honey Comb and Sugar a lovely bird lemon juicer (I was just gifted) and cream.
Oh Here's the Tea~ Yes Blueberry Scones,Jam of course (beware of the mouse). Some Fresh Devonshire Cream? Oh I am trying out this receipe of Lavender bread I have inside Creme Fresh and Lemon Curd. The heart shaped cinnamon bread are marscapone and strawberries.
My sister's Pumpkin
Cream puffs in Phyllo.

Oh I am a bit tinged with hunger lets move on to the Sandwhiches shall we?

We have Tyler Florence's Baked Brie Prociotto and Apple butter Sandwhiches also.

Curry chicken, tomato with cilantro lemon butter, roast beef with a bluecheese lemon spread, Curry and cheddar with cream cheese, Lovely Pasta, Carrot and three bean salads.

Oh my seconds? okay! O I do say I am the mad hatter wont you please choose a hat to wear?

I have made Several for you to choose from Oh you've incorporated your own style by using the Ostrich feathers! Cleaver!

I am ready for Dessert! Lets See macaroons,lady fingers,marbled chocolate cookies, sugar cookies fresh baked from farmers market, lemon cakes

Thank you So much for dropping by love to you Darling!



  1. What a BEAUTIFULLY MAD party!

  2. What a lovely party. I am doing a giveaway so come check out mine

  3. Well I love all your hats, so I tried each and everyone on.

    Renee xoxo

  4. Thanks for having me, your party is love love the treats.

    You’re invited to please stop by and visit me at my party
    Where we’re having a tea of a time!

  5. It certainly looks as though you and yours had a most awesome and curiouser tea party. thank you for sharing your creative photos with the rest of us overindulging tea drinkers. :)

  6. Wow - that's quite a party!! Lots of things to eat!!


  7. What a charming party, with lovely wild hats!
    I like the sound of all those interesting teas, I'll stop by for a cup I think!


  8. Thank you for sharing. Looks like you had a great time!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog I hope you will come by and say hi!

    Enjoy the day!

  9. Peppermint tea please! and mmmmm curry chicken! I love your decorations. Thank you for posting, have a great day. -HurricaneKassi

  10. Oh my! Everything here is so very lovely...thank you so much for the goodies and the festive atmosphere!!

  11. I'm sorry, but did you say Pumpkin cream puffs?! Baked Prosciutto and brie with apple butter? Marscapone and strawberries? I think I would be the rudest party-goer ever because you couldn't talk to me.. my mouth would be full of food. Your party sounds delicious!

  12. Lovely tea party, so many treats! Thankyou for the tea :)


  13. What a wonderful tea party - everything looks absolutely yummy!!

    ~ Carolee

  14. Looks like you all had a marvelous time!

    A very Merry Unbirthday!
    Erin :)

  15. What wonderful recipes! I've had a delightful time!

  16. It looks like it was a fabulous tea party!! How wonderful you were able to get some friends to join you!

  17. Thank you for a lovely time! I am stuffed! The food was great! I'm late for a nap.
    Hugs, Diana@ IdaClare

  18. Oh dear! you've prepared lots of goodies! :-) I wouldn't mind helping you eat them LoL I'd be very much happy to oblige

  19. Well, I've had so much to eat I can hardly waddle home! I must though, it's been a long weekend of partying. So nice to see you. Have a good week! Twyla

  20. Fabulous tea party! I loved every moment of it, especially the dessert! I'm still have to clean up after my party, so hurry and stop by before it's all put away!

  21. great party! looks like everyone had a blast!

  22. So sorry I'm late. I've just escaped from my own mad party.

    I've had an enchanting visit with you and will soon have to get some elastic pants because of all the visual treats I've been feasting on over the past 3 days. Yum-yummy!

  23. Omigosh! What a wonderfully mad party! I've had a lovely time! Thank you for having me! ^-^

  24. What a spread of goodies-and lavender lemonade sounds quite good right now!
    Thanks for the hospitality

    I spell my name the same way too:)

  25. Hi,
    The food looks marvelous. Looks like everyone had a great time. 8-) You are invited to come to my party.

  26. Pretty Pretty!
    Please do stop by mine for a cup! :) A video and giveaway too! :)


  27. What a wonderful tea party full of yummy goodies! So Fun!


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