Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh Mad Hatter

I am excited about Vanessa Valencia's Mad tea party! I had my Mad hatter's tea party for my Alum of our MOM"S club in April! Total total blast.

I thought that I need to post this now as apposed to Never! It's just never going to S L O W down with 4 young children including 3yo twins. I am in such utter awe in women like AnneDenise Anderson of Whim and Fancy Designs
go and Check out surprise luau graduation she created for her daughter. She has 5 kiddos!I also admire HOLLY of Holly doodle designs
! She has two little ones while doing so much. She is so generous and kind!

Inserting Eye candy from Wendy of sleepingdog studios
and bendywho
< a href=""

I love Etsy! Such a TERRIFIC resource for Artists! This is a little purchase I made and was playing around with while the children were otherwise occupied. Literally a stolen moment..that is my TO DO list it's on! HEHEHE!
I'll See you Saturday with Hat on!
Stacy~Creativemuse I have been trying for 24 hrs to "LINK" so you can just click but it only worked out for the first one? I am walking away now for a Self Quieting momment....hehehe
SORRY you'll have to cut and paste to see


  1. What lovely treats you prepared! :)

  2. I posted mine at midnight, knowing today was likely to be crazy!

    I hope you'll visit my Tea Party and see what I'm decking out the party-goers in!

  3. Very cool! I love chocolate covered strawberries!

  4. i'm here at the strawberries, thank you...i am enjoying the parties and dancing my day away...i am having my tea by the sea...with flowers in my hair...come join me...hugs, rebecca/cre8tiva

  5. I would like FIVE strawberries, please and thank you. Do stop by for tea with me, but watch out for Alice. **blows kisses** Deborah

  6. Cute photos. The choc covered berries look delish! :)

  7. Beautiful post!
    Happy Mad Tea Party!

    You're invited to my tea party


  8. very nice party, I had two strawberries, hope you don't mind, they looked to stop by later today and visit me and my guest.


Thank you for visting Creativemuse....I love your sweet words and hope to visit with you again.....have some tea..