Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chickens and Garden

Sunshine...Buff Cochin
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Sunshine...Buff Cochin

Well we have been balancing I should say juggling AllStar Practice 5 days a week, Fun bonding Adventures for the Team, Regular School, Boyscouts,girlscouts,Mom's Club, New contest Biggest Loser Challenge, Messy home, Chickens,Dogs, The list really goes on but it ebbs and flows. Writing this I hear 4 little 4yo princess shoes clacking down the hardwood floors.Yes making a mess but bonding as a little Thong does with the Stories they Create and live.
Speaking of Creating and Messes...WE have been out in the yard weeding for the last 3 weeks, Every few days hours at a time, a wedge section of the yard where we have NOW planted a SUNFLOWER TEEPEE/FORT. While mom's 1ft and a half deep underground chasing crabgrass runners wondering how did these get here...we have unleased the 8 chickens play around in the yard. We chase, capture, put on the slide, make king of the sand box, and giggle these sweet chickens. We like to walk into the house with the Garden boots on. so while our tenny shoes aren't muddy the kitchen the "Welcome ROom" and bathrooms if I don't catch them in time are all transformed into chocolatey,sandy brown.
THere's got to be some way to get all of this done with style right? Well sending thankful thoughts for the Sweet chicks and Dogs we have.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Lessons of the Muse learned...

stawberry pots stuffed french toast flower arrangements

I am so Blessed to be a Home maker. I adore being with my children and most parts of shuttling them to and fro events that enhance who they are. The Home part of Home making is funnily more and more confusing. Some odd Reason the home is reflecting my mind...Multiple highway of ideas, incohernt time tables, Creativity and Profectionism colliding. Flylady says we have CHAOS(Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) because we need to see things at it's worst turn it to it's best.

Hence Making it Perfect! (I say it gritting my teeth). I am seeking that BALANCE of Clean/ORGANIZED/Warm/Creative Home with Keeping the Family Loved,Nurtured,and Held with Care....

It doesn't help that the twins are not just 2 little 4yo's but that they Really have Synergy...example 1 4y has 1/2 an idea and may or may not act upon it.

div>Now 2 very intimately connected twins together they don't think of the same 1/2 of the idea but these two little ones think of the mirroring or completing half of the idea and My girls make Synergy....Now add this CREATIVEMUSE mom who is also a leathel idealist...Oh wait I'm the "It doesn't HELP when you have a...." Perfectionist/Idealistic/Creative/QUeenie(ie I don't WANT to do the dishes) Mom starting it all off.

Here's a Great new Cookbook My Mother in Love gave me. I think Hey the Fundraiser for the Preschool has cupcakes let's make the ducks! I'll have a back up plan though with choc cuppies and the frosting/sprinkles all together..(I think to myself). These are the twins Delish and Bean helping make the lemon cuppy base for the duckage. New Chef attaire for the children from Easter...

While mommy carves the oversized donught holes for the head (the hunt for minis was fruitless) frosts the cakes puts the marshmellows on the tail freezes them figures out reciepe wrong so more buttoms up will happen than heads up ducks due to not enough frosting. I tint and melt the yellow icing and while I am wilding sweet ones have helped themselves to my Back up plan. I find them under the livingroom coffee table faces full of choclate decedance...but Delish has gone one step futher or is it that Bean has already licked hers I find Delishes hands covered in frosting like she's having a SPA treatment........

Oh Mommy didn't read the disclosure of no WHIPPED my ducks were drippy messes...while I cleaned up they helped themselves to 2 mini (for the eyes)m&m containers sorting the colors for me and eating the ones they thought wouldn't help the project.....

So my Friends you can call me MENTAL since I had to feed hubby so he could see little dude kick a board in half ,while I hosted another class with a friend . We did sit with the Kindergatners/first graders and some 4th graders for a sit QUIEt/be Still show of our Ojai Raptors...the sugar was waiting to take effect....we then came home packed up/feed big sis for Playoff Game ...ate dinner Went to twins open house...With12 not 24 cuppies simply frosted with yellow icing and sprinkled with flowers...then Dad and big boy Split to Pinewood Derby we left to the game then to the derby then HOME. Everyone was rest for the weekend it was busier...Donut Team Party for twins, Home run Tball derby...Wedding And Tea to prepare to for Sunday..friends playoff game/BBq at Nana's then Sunday Help Mothersday tea leave mid tea and go to Wedding..Yes I said you could call me MENTAL....I'm so tired I'm Ready for the WEEK Lol!

My on going mission to Creatively try to incorperate ways of BALANCe for Me and Ultimately my Family... lesson learned this weekend NO over booking (sometimes it can't be helped),...Keep it Simple (not stark simple and lovely....),Keep it up...just doing little chunks daily will help things flow and not back up.......I'm off to lovinly do Laundry,Wash dishes, Play with the girls make lunch and do a Home BLESSING HOUR...I'll be sining a Grateful Song that my Life is so Full and Loving...I LOVE LIFE AND LIFE LOVES ME....Louise Hay



PS we got the call last night that big sis is on THE GOLD ALLSTARS!! YEAH