Friday, August 21, 2009

2 YUMMY GIVEAWAYS Birthdays and Antiques

Well I've been off blogging for a while with summer in full swing 4 little ones and now school just beging to start I'm in denial I want summer to last a bit more 2 weeks please. In actuallity, it' is just 2 days for the big ones and 2 weeks for the littles. Since i've been off I have been missing some fab give aways and I am jumping in as usual. I want to let you know about them and ofcourse helps me to win??? Still I need to spread the LOVE.

I'm still trying to figure out all this linking and such. None the less I adore this site of Melissa from the inspired room. She is having a rare antique giveaway!
I am jumping in at the end but at least i'm jumping in!

GO and leave a comment view the yummies you wont regret it! I'm not sure about linking so I'm typing this in.

The 2nd Give away is a Happy Birthday to Jan at Polka dot barn super cute blog. she too is having a lovely giveaway of vintage rhinestones and a vintage velvet beaded evening bag Don't miss out hop over and comment away! sing a little song!
We are still Birthdaying irthday- ing here too since our*little* biggies Birthdays are less than 2 weeks apart we are doing a nice treat by going to the Aquarium of the Pacific tomarrow today I HAVE TO
go to 31 flavors ice cream to get buy one adult get child free coupon. A must when places charge for little preschoolers like they do the elementry schoolers! I must say I am looking forward to how fun this will be. We've had little highlights on our staycation. This is sure to be one of them. The *little* biggies will get a special Shark tour.
This is like the old summers of long ago used to be. Not so Daycamped,Bahama,Rving for the whole summer. Nice easy stretches of sprinklers, Beaching (10 min trip), Library, with art programs/engineering programs sprinkled in.
I'll be back with a review of summer and a sweet jewlery box I made for my big girl.

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  1. you did it!! you got both giveaways posted very nicely!
    thanks for doing that - i appreciate the exposure and the chance to give more people a chance to enter the giftaway!

    warmly, jan


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