Monday, March 30, 2009

Perfection is worth the wait >>>>Vintage Valentine itty bitty book swap

WOWIE I am so excited I have been holding off blogging see previous post.
My friend Mary ann Mckeeting from and host of where we the members make pages and she the hostess with the mostest makes front back and some middle pages then binds them and always sends sweet sentiments and goodies with our finished books. I adore these itty bitty books they are like art. Please join me in viewing Maryann's Slide creation of the itty bitty book swap titled Vintage Valentine

don't you just love this such talented artist~
I've done 3 more of these recently I'll post pictures of my contributions of the itty bitty Spring, Green and Vintage Birthday!
I'm off to finish dinner's taken me a while to post this!


  1. That book turned out so cute.....
    My copy of the Vintage Spring arrived last week. And so looking forward to the Geen itty bitty.
    Take care and have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Hey Sweet Stacy! It wasso nice seeing you this morning at Art-e-ology! The Valentine books are really special. If you send me your email I will email the collage sheets to you. I want to start selling them on ETSY, but wanted some feedback/practice before I took the plunge. LOL!! Email me at:

    Have a wonderful Monday! Love, Jamie

  3. Stacy~ Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful comments you have left me on my blog~ I really want you to know I appreciate them and they make me a part of who I am! I am sad that you will not be able to attend my workshop but I hope there will be many more to come! As for the Ezine~ That thought has crossed my mind a many of times~ Right now I am currently waiting for a response I sent out for a book proposal..cross your fingers for me, I have had two rejections so far, what do they say~third time is a charm:)....we'll see! Everyones needs crepe in their life , don't you agree!
    xoxxo, Ann-Denise

  4. What a sweet little book! Don't you love em when they are so tiny like that? I do.



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