Friday, March 13, 2009

Fresh Eggs and a Fresh Day

I have been remiss in posting to my new blog. I am a Somewhat Perfectionist...meaning only certain things have be perfect and I can bend with the breeze for other things. My example you ask? The last blog post is sitting here so lonely due to the fact that the Perfectionist in me wants the Consecutive progression of here is the before itty bitty and here is the after. Well this has back logged all of the wonderful things I want to share with you. All of these othere talented wonderful giving artists that have to do with Valentines day! YIKES!!! The Perfectionist is still ruling the roost for a little bit but I get to squeeze this in...

Fresh Eggs from our Cochin Hens

So for now until I get the right photo it is Fresh Eggs and a Fresh Day. I am so greatful for a Fresh Day. It can start anytime of the day. The decision to Start Fresh, have a mulligan(golf term),Renew your spirit it happens in an instant. I am finding more and more it's my ablity to focus on my outcome and work through the veil I am under to find what I AM GRATEFUL FOR. I LOVE MY LIFE AND LIFE LOVES ME. Listing what I am grateful for always helps me turn things around. I am trying to teach that to my children. It will be a long journey and one I will relish and delight in. Have a Fresh egg along with your renewed FreshDay...sending you love my friends...


  1. I'm visiting from the Carnival. Have you seen Mr. Auguste Unica???

  2. Those eggs look lovely. And you are blessed indeed! :D



Thank you for visting Creativemuse....I love your sweet words and hope to visit with you again.....have some tea..