Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life Gets Creative

I know it says where inspiration flourishes and there's barely a post in months. Please don't lose hope I really am extremely creative it's the TIME that eludes me. I think I have said on past posts that I am doing the so that I can capture back that time to create. It really is an endless cycle in my eyes at this time. My clutter is my all that I do in my Creating and Cleaning clears my Creative clutter so that I may have time to Create. I have had loads of rain and my Creativity ran in different direction than something concrete in which to carve my name. I have been Hunting Rainbows and enjoying my children.
I did want you to see I am in a Heather of Speckled-egg's Petite Inspirations Box Swap. I have met the sweetest ladies. Tia, Kris, and Tracy We have had such a great time getting to know one another. They have been understanding with my little ones all being under the weather.(after we were closed indoors for a solid 2 weeks.... Big boy came home with a croup cough and gave it to all of his sisters. The big girl then got Strep along with the cough and the twins sound terrible coughing and trying to make a GERM JAIL in the crook of their arm, but with their age I am not able to do very much. My little Jelly Bean ended up getting an ear infection.
So our wonderful Pediatric group and Medicine shoppe have been so kind and sweet since they have seen us 3X's for 1,3,and 2 children visits in one and a half weeks. I digress....These ladies have been very kind and sweet all with their own lives busy and winter coming down hard on them. I was delayed in packaging and sending my Petite sweets. I had two wonderful packages received while I was tied up. Boy did it kick me into overdrive. I made a commitment not to open until mine were in the mail and I had picked up a bit more of my Creativeness off the Kitchen here they are and I'll post when I have some good pics of what I received sooo wonderful!a little sneak peek

Did I mention...the Septic being full from the rain and having to do dishes camping style..I broke my washer machine when I steam cleaned it and thought saving money on TV/Internet and phone was great until Cyber disaster.....Ahhh those days are over the rain has subsided, the washer loves us again and cyberville is all better! SO yes I have been creative ...creatively living finding solutions to daily life. Here's to seeing you soon




  1. Ooooo, I'm so excited to see what's inside those little packages :)

  2. Thank you so much for your swap package which arrived this weekend! I blogged it today and I can't wait to dive in and start using some of the goodies you provided :)


Thank you for visting Creativemuse....I love your sweet words and hope to visit with you again.....have some tea..