Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun GIveaway of Marie goodies!

Well this looks like a fun giveaway! I'm just lost in blog hopping right now

and need to get back to the kitchen/livingroom/laundry room where things are amuck! I am recovering from PARTY/Softball weekend!

softball my little one

My little 8 yo dd the major Catcher! who knew!

Mad Hatter Tea Party April 2009

It takes a bit for me I know its WEDNESDAY FOR GOODNESS SAKES. Would you belive I treated myself to a just the front of the home cleaning last friday and it's a total disater now? Really every room that was cleaned DONE totally a mess. I have to kick it into gear and get my shiney sink and 15 min declutter boogies going! If you haven't checked her out! You will love it. I think for the CREATIVE SOUL it's just what I need. Simple Routines so I have LOADs of time to PLAY!(that's whats in my mind anyway.) I'd rather Create and play than clean and declutter oh yea and play on the computer shop read okay anything really. Don't get me wrong I do like a spotless home but who has the time? and did I mention ours is almost 60 years old?(there's no keeping out the dust). opps I hear a hoppy ball bouncing and something metal? glass? glass and metal? twins 6 and 8 busy right now! Oh thank goodness nap time comingsoon!



  1. Yippee!!! You finally started blogging Stacy!!!!

  2. I know what you mean by blog hopping! It's such an adventure and a treat to find great new blogs! Love your header:)


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